Welcome to Horse Creek Sale Company where we have
over two decades of experience hosting horse and tack
sales. For more than 26 years, our horse auction company
has been hosting horse and tack sales to customers across
the country.

In addition to horses, our auction features tack sales with
an incredible selection of equipment. We accept
consignments from individuals and dealers and offer
prompt payment for items sold.
Experience You Can Trust
Horse Creek Sale Company is a trusted horse auction company based in Akron, Colorado. With more than 40 years of
experience and a commitment to superior service, our auction features a quality selection and fair prices on which you
can depend. Started in 1989 by prominent horsemen Butch Hosmer, Bobby Goodwin, and Ron Berndt, the company was
sold to the current owner, John Hayes, in 2009.
John Hayes is a fifth-generation Coloradoan who has owned horses in the Akron, CO area for more than 45 years. For
the past 20 years, John has been involved full-time as an agent for a variety of clients across the country, buying and
selling horses at some of the nation's leading sales. He has also traveled to South America and Europe as a consultant for
horse breeding programs.
Our auctioneers are Thad McDermott of North Platte, Nebraska, Lance Nichols of Severance, Colorado and Michael
Nichols of Flagler, CO. Our Office Manager is Lucinda McDermott, and our Marketing and Media manager is Adele

Our auctioneers are proud members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association and adhere to the professional and ethical
guidelines set forth by the association's Code of Ethics.

Horse Creek Sale Company has been, is, and will be, devoted entirely to the marketing of QUALITY horses
and tack.
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